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Damascus Way – Rochester Receives Prestigious Corrections Award

Congratulations to Damascus Way for receiving the Minnesota Corrections Association’s President’s Award  The President’s Award is given to programs that demonstrate creativity, resourcefulness, effectiveness and innovation. “It was totally unexpected. Initially, when I got the call from MCA I thought it was a prank, but as I

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Seeking Restoration and Rehabilitation in our Corrections System

Seeking Restorative Justice As Minnesota legislators are in the thick of drafting, amending and voting on bills this legislative session, we implore our elected officials to seek restorative justice in our state’s Corrections system. In the midst of these very difficult situations where victims must remain the

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Convicted Bank Robber Seeks Healing Following Prison, Drug Abuse

Prison really messed Todd up. After robbing 3 banks, while hooked on cocaine, Todd was sentenced to a maximum security prison in Leavenworth, Kansas. His sentence was only five years behind bars. But most of the guys in the supermax prison were in there for life, with

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Golden Valley Church Changing Lives of Ex-Offenders

Blocks away from our Golden Valley halfway house for men with criminal histories, Oak Grove Church opens its doors to its neighbors, including convicted felons. A sign hanging up in our Damascus Way Re-entry Center transitional house invites the men who are out of prison, but are on

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Damascus Way Celebrates Staff Chaplain Becoming U.S. Citizen

Damascus Way is proud to celebrate the newest U.S. citizen, Reverend Bob Mankaka who is a case manager and chaplain at our Rochester facility. He arrived in Minnesota from the Congo in 2001, on a student visa and studied theology. “When I arrived I felt the freedom of

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Rochester’s Discipleship Program Helps Foster Godly Character

Damascus Way Rochester offers a discipleship course that is transforming lives. Freedom Road incorporates one-on-one Christian mentoring with men who are getting ready to reenter society. Recently, several men just released from prison testified about how a 16-week discipleship course at Damascus Way, called Freedom Road, has

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God’s Love Revealed to Convicted Murderer Through a “Little Old Lady”

God’s Love Revealed to Convicted Murderer Through a “Little Old Lady” ut God was watching over him…   Nearly forty years ago, Allan was living in a dark place. He was a mid-level drug dealer doing $25,000 to $50,000 deals. Even though Al was experienced and should

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A Bright Future, Providing for his Son

My name is Nick and I’ve been at Damascus for 4 months. I had a big addiction of selling drugs and making ‘fast money’ – and because of it, I went to prison just before my son was born. I missed him badly. I would spend holidays

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Tracing Criminal Lifestyle of Convict Back to Painful Childhood

A child born to two children enters the world with a good many strikes against him – from the moment he struggles to take his first breath. A 16-year-old mother in our culture simply has not developed the necessary parenting skills. And a 17-year-old father who is

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Met Christ in Jail, Regained Power Over Addiction

After 7 treatment centers and over 10 years of drug addiction, I remained powerless to break my habit until I met Christ in jail. I was released to Damascus Way on the Work Release program and was able to find employment, housing and develop my support system.

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Damascus Way Reentry Center Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. Damascus Way is supported by donations from individuals, churches, foundations, and corporations. The organization also receives fees for program services rendered to residents.

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