Pastor Bob 3Damascus Way is proud to celebrate the newest U.S. citizen, Reverend Bob Mankaka who is a case manager and chaplain at our Rochester facility. He arrived in Minnesota from the Congo in 2001, on a student visa and studied theology.Pastor Bob 1

“When I arrived I felt the freedom of America and I realized the opportunity that God has in this land, and I knew I wanted to become an American citizen, so I could stay in this country and do God’s work freely,” said Rev. Bob Mankaka.

Pastor Bob has a heart for evangelism and discipleship. He started two churches: one near Duluth and one in Rochester, and he hosts conferences in his home country of Congo, preaching live sermons weekly over the telephone from his home in Rochester.

Pastor Bob 2On August 17 he was sworn in as an American citizen during a touching naturalization ceremony in Brooklyn Park.

“The most emotional moment for me was pronouncing the oath and singing the national anthem, now it is mine, I can sing it any time,” said Mankaka.

Rochester is now home for Mankaka where he coaches youth soccer, leads a ministry he founded called “Regeneration and Challenge Ministries” and works at Damascus Way, which he says has been very fulfilling work for him.Pastor Bob 4

“I feel honored to be doing what God is doing on earth, through Damascus Way; for people who have never heard the gospel, people who challenge God, or who have nothing to do with God. Many times once they hear the gospel, people melt, they crumble for the Lord,” said Mankaka.

Pastor Bob is currently going to Bethel Seminary in St. Paul to get his Masters in Divinity.

We are so grateful for Pastor Bob, how shares his faith and his God-given gifts with the residents of Damascus Way. Congratulations on your new citizenship Bob!