The Damascus Way Vision

Damascus Way employs Person-Centered approach to reentry and recovery, which recognizes the inherent dignity of each individual regardless of their history. We are proud to serve individuals from all walks of life no matter what their beliefs are. Our belief in the person of Jesus causes us to serve all in a Gospel-centered approach that promotes the transformative power of God’s Love.

Our Gospel Centered Approach includes:

  • Recovery Based Support
  • Substance Use Recovery Based Support
  • Trauma-Informed Practices
  • Employment & Housing Pathways
  • Community Connection
  • A Person Centered Approach

Our Vision

Here at Damascus Way we envision a model of care that promotes trauma-informed and culturally specific engagement with each person encountered. We desire to see people reach long-term recovery from substances and successful community connection upon reentry from corrections, treatment facilities and homelessness.

It was on this road that the Apostle Paul experienced life changing transformation. Since then, the phrase the “Damascus Road experience” has symbolized a time in a person’s life when they come to the end of themselves and begin a new way of living. Damascus Way desires to be a place where people that have come to the end of themselves and desire a new direction come and experience “The Road to Freedom.”

Damascus Way Culture & Values:

Our History

For nearly five decades, Damascus Way has been dedicated to supporting individuals who have been involved in the justice system and are in recovery from substance use disorder (SUD). As a former prison and substance use outreach program, we have a rich history of providing assistance, guidance, and resources to those in need. Our commitment to helping people turn their lives around is unwavering and continues to be the cornerstone of our organization. Over the have expanded our peer services to cater to the needs of individuals rejoining society after incarceration and recovering from SUD in Hennepin, Scott, and Olmsted counties. We now provide comprehensive peer support for strategic housing, employment, and recovery to ensure a smooth transition into the community. Damascus Way has always prioritized community engagement and partnerships in order to offer top-notch services for housing, employment, and mental wellness support. Their commitment to involving the community, stakeholders, and residents has ensured that their efforts remain relevant and effective towards achieving full recovery.

At Damascus Way, inclusivity has always been at the heart of our work. As a Christian organization, we believe in meeting people where they are and providing support to all members of the recovery and reentry community. Our long-standing history is a testament to our commitment of serving those in need with open arms and without judgment. Our mission is to cater to the recovery needs of people from all backgrounds while ensuring that their ethnicity, nationality, citizenship, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, parental role or responsibilities or any other personal characteristic doesn’t fall as a barrier. At our core lies an unwavering commitment towards protecting human rights and promoting inclusivity making sure that no one feels left out. The primary goal of Damascus Way in service to the recovery community is helping a person into long-term recovery. We assist the individual based on their recovery needs rather than based on our specific program or faith-based concepts of recovery.

Our Mission

Damascus Way provides reentry and recovery services with a Gospel Centered approach to empower people in overcoming recidivism and substance use. Our core service model supports the need for recovery, community, connection, employment and housing support.

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