Reentry ministry to build new facility; add new leadership

Damascus Way Reentry Center is announcing changes to expand its Christ-centered transitional housing programs.

After several years of working with the City of Golden Valley and adjoining property owners, this past January the ministry concluded an agreement that will allow it to build a new and bigger, 30-bed transitional house to replace an 18-bed facility where it has operated since 1974.

The new facility is expected to cost $2.5 million and already $1.6 million has been secured for this project. Construction is expected to begin this summer.

Leadership Restructuring

As the ministry expands, the board is also restructuring leadership roles to match the changing nature of the organization. Craig Fruen, who has led the ministry since 2011 will become Associate Director with a focus on managing residential and discipleship services for Damascus Way participants.

The board has begun a search for an Executive Director to give strategic leadership to expanding the ministry’s residential and discipleship programs as it seeks future growth in reentry services. An ideal candidate for this position possesses strong leadership skills in: 1) organizational development; 2) program design and implementation; and, 3) strategic planning.

Information about the Executive Director search can be found here under “About Us”. The board welcomes applications, nominations and referrals for this position based on the job profile provided.

Damascus Way Reentry Center is an Affiliate of Transform Minnesota, and is a Christ-centered, transitional housing ministry serving individuals exiting Minnesota correctional facilities. It offers a suite of re-entry services designed to facilitate enriching work, loving community, and stable housing all in the context of Christian discipleship.

Its current facilities in Golden Valley and Rochester, Minnesota serve 72 men in a variety of correction’s statuses. Life transformation—freedom from old lives of abuse, addiction, and dysfunction—is the driving goal of its residential services.  Damascus Way envisions restored, thriving, responsible lives which honor God and point back to His Gospel in Jesus Christ.