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We offer a wide array of services to help integrate back into society.

Research indicates that three quarters of the over 600,000 people that reenter society annually from some form of incarceration will return to incarceration within five years of release (Bureau of Justice Statistics). Much of this is attributed to those being released not having access to one or all of the three core needs-housing, employment, and a healthy community. Damascus Way Reentry Center offers these three services to each of their residents. We also host support groups, bible studies, worship services, ongoing educational opportunities and leadership development courses. Our services do not conclude after exiting our program. We provide space for alumni to return to continue to build relationships with those being served by us. Our continuum of care includes a integrative service model that leads to a high likelihood of authentic transformation mirroring that of the Apostle Paul on his Damascus Way experience.

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Housing Pathway

Housing is a core need for individuals on their path toward freedom and stability. Often returning citizens face additional barriers which make securing housing a significant challenge. Damascus Way provides comprehensive housing support that moves beyond halfway to sustainable housing and homeownership – ultimately contributing to more safe and healthy communities.

Our Rochester Apartments are now accepting new applicants. Please carefully review our application form if you are interested:

DW RC Apartment Application May 2021

Employment/Career Readiness

Whether pursing a trade industry position, or a post-secondary degree, Damascus Way reentry coordinators come alongside residents taking steps toward self-sufficiency by providing employment and career development support. Services are inclusive of employment readiness, job assistance, access to trainings opportunities, as well as career visioning and career pathway planning.

Community Connection

Helping individuals establish and maintain healthy connections as they reenter into the community is a significant protective factor against recidivism and is at the heart of Damascus Way’s mission. Program residents benefit from a coordinated effort to facilitate their ongoing connection with healthy supports such as community service providers, recovery groups, churches and faith-based organizations.

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