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For over 45-years Damascus Way has served the substance use recovery and prison reentry populations with peer services and community integration support.

“Trauma-Informed Services Through the Lens of Reentry & Recovery”

Damascus Way is proud to serve demographics from several counties in the greater Twin Cities area. We offer peer recovery support services, housing for those in recovery or reentering from corrections, employment coaching, personal advocacy, community engagement and peer to peer training. We support and empower person centered routes to recovery and reintegration. We value each person’s path of healing, development, and transformation because our core beliefs have a Christian foundation. Our service model gives each individual the capacity to achieve and maintain long-term recovery with excellent care and support.


We offer a number of services geared toward helping individuals in recovery and reentry.

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Peer Recovery Services

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Housing Pathway

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Career Readiness

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Community Connections

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Substance Use Disorder & Mental Wellness:

Tell us about the substance use disorder (SUD) and mental wellness (MW) services that are accessible in your community.

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Listening Sessions:

Damascus Way started as a jail ministry that grew into a recovery and prison reentry housing for people needing to find stability after substance use and incarceration. The board members  periodically, throughout the year or when requested,  provide listening sessions with the community and other stakeholders to identify the needs of the community in supporting SUD and reentry.

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Transformational Partnerships

Overcoming complex issues that contribute to Substance Use Disorder (SUD) and recidivism requires community. Damascus Way recognizes the power in partnering with others to provide a supportive continuum of care for those seeking successful reentry and recovery. Please consider partnering with us in one of the following ways:

  • Give – Your financial contributions enable us to continue to make a difference.
  • Volunteerism – Opportunities include mentorship, career and skill development, SUD education and support, workshops and much more.
  • Collaboration – Collaborate with faith and recovery communities who partner with Damascus Way and those on the road to freedom.

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