Kainos Woodshop

Kainos Woodshop is a place of community, creativity and constructive growth. Individuals formally incarcerated and in recovery have a space to partner with family members, mentors and the community at large in the process of building something valuable. It contributes to personal experience, relationship edification and continued growth in areas such as discipline, independence and self-worth.

In the Spring of 2022, our Damascus Way – Shakopee House launched a carpentry workshop on-site, housed in the spacious garage attached to the home. With the coordination and efforts of Site Director Todd Quiggle and volunteer Dan Battcher, this woodshop has sprung to life. After some thought, the name “Kainos Woodshop” was adopted. Kainos, which is Greek for “new or fresh in development – not found like this before,” represents our vision for spiritual, mental and physical transformation amongst those in our program. 

Kainos Woodshop brings together community members, staff and most importantly, our program participants in the hopes of creating fellowship and space to build valuable life skills. The Woodshop showcases the craftsmanship of those involved with the Shakopee program. The combined skills and efforts of these individuals has produced a number of quality made products such as; garden obelisks, Adirondack chairs and fan trellises.

All proceeds from products sale at Kainos Woodshop go directly back to the residents and to covering Woodshop expenses. Please reach out to us if you are interested in placing a custom order.

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