Stories of transformation abound during the season of spring and here at Damascus Way.  Helping individuals recover from substances and avoid reentering the judicial system encourages and energizes us. The power of transformation is a value that undergirds and permeates all we do. Testimonies of individual transformation inspire our team and remind us of why we do the work we do. In the last two weeks or so, one of our Rochester residents took it upon himself to completely replace the old wood planks on one of our picnic benches at the 2118 campus. This individual took the time to cut, sand, seal and install the wood. The handiwork shows a complete and total transformation. This is truly a perfect microcosm of what we see as the fabric of Damascus Way and the Gospel message. We believe that the road to transformation (the road to freedom) is filled with many, smaller (yet no less profound) examples of transformation that lead to long term success in reentry and recovery.