I am so grateful to Damascus Way for everything. I want to say thank you and that you have made my transition back to freedom much more bearable. I appreciate all of your guidance.”

– Graduate Steve

Last November, Damascus Way began a partnership with Scott County Community Corrections with the intent of opening transitional housing in the Shakopee area. On November 22nd of 2021, our Damascus Way-Shakopee House officially opened, with the capacity to house up to four individuals at a time. July 22nd of this summer marked 8 months since the launch of our services in Scott County. Over the course of the past eight months, the program has impacted residents lives in ways that go beyond what numbers and statistics indicate. This work would not be possible without the contributions of Site Director Todd Quiggle and Shift Coordinator Lewellyn Wilder.

Our program has seen the restored involvement of parents with children and the creation of an environment where residents can find community, fellowship and accountability. One example of this is in our Kainos Woodshop program, where residents, community members and staff work on carpentry projects together, which in turn teaches valuable skills, creating a space for healing in familial relationships. Furthermore, we have provided program participants with access to an optional 12-step recovery group in addition to weekly trauma-informed group sessions consisting of dinner and conversation with an experienced facilitator. These are just a few examples of the programming offered at the Shakopee House. Our internal services are augmented by external support service partners, which residents have successfully utilized on many occasions.

Finally, the Shakopee program has assisted residents in the completion of pragmatic and personal goals that have helped these individuals find more financial, spiritual and personal freedom. It is our conviction that healthy community, pathways to meaningful employment and access to stable housing play essential roles in ending recidivism. Join us in celebrating these successes as we strive to provide reentry services that carry a lasting impact.