In September, a second cohort of Damascus Way staff members had the privilege of working through our School of Peer Recovery/CPRS training with Jacob Lusk, Associate Director of Recovery & Mental Health Services.

Three Golden Valley team members and one staff from Rochester participated in the second cohort, a 46 hour/6 and a half day training hosted at our Golden Valley campus.

Facilitator Jacob Lusk noted how excited and invested the participants were in their engagement with the material. Each individual brought personal-lived experienced and wisdom to the conversations:

“I learned a lot from the guys about what it might look like to deliver peer recovery services to marginalized and BIPOC demographics!”

The Motivational Interviewing Workshop was especially well received. Each participant was intrigued with the content and interested in developing better communication and listening skills for peer recovery work!

Congrats to Roosevelt, Reed, Cedrick and Zachary for completing our peer recovery training program!