Progress is a constant exchange between triumph and setback, success and failure. This pattern is familiar to those of us who’ve served at Damascus Way. We see in this pattern in the lives of individuals and in organizations. In fact, this pattern is a simple, basic feature of life itself.

Damascus Way is always seeking ways in which to progress, both our services and our facilities. This process is constant. For us, providing excellent services is a core conviction of ours and demonstrates to our residents that we really do care about the environment that surrounds them. We consistently hear residents attest to this and it often rubs off on them as feel a sense of ownership and responsibility in keeping our shared living spaces clean, comfortable and inviting. All of this is key to the struggle to transform individual’s lives and combat recidivism.

Here are some photos of restoration and transformation from our Golden Valley campus this fall!

In the first three pictures, our roof is repaired from hail damage. In the final picture, one can see the beginnings of our new storage shed, which is being constructed by a former program participant!