One of our residents here at Damascus Way Reentry Center was recently spotlighted by an organization called “Small Sums,” which assists folks with employment. More specifically Small Sums specializes in providing equipment and trade tools which are integral to the work that men like our very own Gus, who is a welder, do. We’d like to share a little bit about how another non-profit is supporting one of our men in succeeding in his employment pathway.

We know from the story of Paul on the road to Damascus that no matter one’s age or past, it’s never too late for a new beginning. Gus is beginning again after being incarcerated for 35 years. He is putting four decades of welding expertise and experience to work at his new job as an angle grinder. He loves the work he’s doing, feels confident in his skills and is excited that the position offers long-term stability and steady pay.

Many metal working positions require workers to bring their own comprehensive set of tools to the site. For individuals like Gus just getting back to work, the large out of pocket costs for tools can keep them from being able to start a new job confidently and successfully. Small Sums was able to supply Gus with required tools, a welding helmet, work gloves and a gas card. He was overwhelmed.

“I feel so grateful for organizations like yourselves willing to lend a hand,” he said.

We are thrilled to see Gus enter into this next season. By working hard, using his skills and knowing his resources, he is well on his way to ensuring his long-term stability.