As shared earlier this summer, residents at Golden Valley and both our sites in Rochester spent time creating and maintaining gardens on our grounds. Here at Golden Valley, the gardens were an entirely new endeavor! Despite the late start (due to the time it took to complete the construction of the garden beds) residents Ryan and Mitch were able to successfully plant and grow a variety of vegetables. While the smaller seeds did not have enough time to sprout and produce, the tomatoes and peppers did surprisingly well!

Two residents at our Golden Valley site devoted their time and experience to tending and caretaking the garden. It was wonderful to see the happiness that the garden brought to these two men and how the challenges presented created new ideas for next spring.

This week, our Executive Director Tierre Webster spent a bit of time with Ryan and Mitch to see the fruits of their labor and to chat about the garden. Take a look at the photos below!

Thanks Ryan and Mitch for bringing more life to our Golden Valley campus!