As many of you may already know, Damascus Way recently acquired a new leased property in Shakopee from Scott County! This home is located on a beautiful plot of land, surrounded by patches of pine and hardwood growth. It sits adjacent to a small stretch of wetland marsh. In short, the Shakopee home has all the trappings of a spiritual and natural oasis! This new addition to Damascus Way will serve the men who live there as they seek a place of rest, transformation and comradery! Be on the lookout for our year-end newsletter which will showcase some photos and further details on the acquisition of the Shakopee site.

The house, which currently has a capacity for four men, welcomed its first resident, Steve, towards the end of November! Steve was gracious enough to answer a few questions upon his arrival, sharing some of his aspirations for the duration of his time with Damascus Way.

1.) Steve, tell us a bit about your story. Are there any background details you’d like to share? 

Well, I came out of prison homeless and with no possessions. I had lost everything when I entered prison. When I got out of prison, I had no where to go, nothing I owned. I had spent all my remaining money on hotels and was at my wits end. Finally, the DOC (Department of Corrections) provided me with a room for 30-days and after that I was able to connect with Damascus Way through my P.O. 

2.) Was there anything that led you to choose to Damascus Way?

Honestly, before arriving I knew basically nothing and had no idea of what this place would be like.

3.) What are your first impression of the house here in Scott County?

I love it! It’s given me the ability to live on my own but with just enough structure to help me stay focused on becoming stable. I get to work and spend good quality time with my son here! Todd (the site director) has been very helpful with many things!

4.) What are your hopes and dreams/goals for Damascus Way and afterwards?

Firstly, to learn to live on my own. To eventually get my own apartment here in Shakopee so I can be close to my son. I really need help getting back on my feet and Damascus Way has been a great help. I don’t feel like just a felon here and that goes a long way in making life positive again.

We are so thrilled to welcome Steve to our new Shakopee home and we are grateful for the words he shared with us. Please keep Steve in your prayers as he seeks a new direction in life and aspires to stay connected with his son and to grow more independent and responsible!