Peer Recovery Job Description

All Damascus Way staff are trained as Peer Recovery Specialists (PRS). Peer Recovery Staff embody many of the following skills:

  • Teach and model the value of every individual’s personal recovery journey.
  • Model effective recovery coping techniques and self-help strategies.
  • Assist in obtaining services that suit the individual’s recovery needs by providing community resources and groups that may be useful.
  • Inform clients about community and natural supports and how to use these in the recovery process.
  • Assist clients in developing empowerment skills and combating stigma through self-advocacy.
  • Function as a role model to peers; by exhibiting competency in personal recovery and use of coping skills; serving as a consumer advocate, providing consumer information and peer support for clients in outpatient and inpatient settings.
  • The PRS performs a wide range of tasks to assist peers of all ages in regaining independence within the community and mastery over their own recovery process.
  • Recovery resources such as booklets, tapes, pamphlets and other written materials are utilized by the PRS in the provision of services.