There are many integral pieces to the ministry and work of Damascus Way. Although it is perhaps often overlooked and underemphasized, transportation plays an essential role in the day-to-day necessities of our various sites along with the tasks of our employees and our residents. There are many times when an organizationally owned vehicle can come in handy. It can fill the gap, so to speak, for the absence of staff owned vehicles or for things such as resident transportation (with staff driving of course!) to recreational events such as Twins games. As a non-profit with multiple sites, auto transportation is an essential link between our various locations. This is why the following testimony is so meaningful to those of us working at Damascus Way!

Just earlier this month, Damascus Way was able to purchase a Grand Touring Chrysler van from Ford Motor of Rochester, Minnesota. What was particularly special about this purchase was that Damascus Way received the generous assistance of two different organizations in the process of attaining this vehicle. Firstly, Rochester Motor Cars gave us a discount off of the vehicle cost, which was tremendously kind of them to do. Secondly, the City of Rochester provided Damascus Way with $20,000 in financial assistance for a vehicle.

We are stunned and incredibly grateful to both Rochester Ford and the City of Rochester for their partnership with us and for their investment in our work! This vehicle will be put into good use by our staff across our locations in Rochester! Thank you so much!