Recreation is an important part of life. It gives people the opportunity to let loose, to unwind and to explore new activities. Sports are just one way in which someone can engage these pursuits. While sports are hardly leisurely in nature, they are nonetheless a form of pastime, one which gives us a chance to push our bodies to the limit and to express artistry in a more acrobatic fashion. In doing so, we are living into the full reality of our human nature as created beings who have been gifted with abilities and potentials.

Physical exertion, through the medium of sports, is just one example of how a person can find an outlet for healing and growth. It is also a way to express and to learn more about oneself.

Just this past week, a brand new basketball hoop was given to our Golden Valley campus by a friend of one of our shift coordinators, free of charge. After receiving this backboard and hoop, another one of our partners (Jim Seemann of the New Freedom Store), gave us several target gift cards, which allowed us to buy some basketballs.

The generosity of our donors and partners has provided men at our Golden Valley site with another form of recreation to enjoy after a long day at work or on the weekends with other residents. Things like this go a long ways in creating a sense of home for those living here.

We’d like to thank those who have donated to us for blessing our residents yet again!!