Last week, staff and residents at our Golden Valley Reentry Center were pleasantly surprised by a visit from our neighbor Georgia, who is a wonderful friend of Damascus Way and an important member of the local community. On Valentine’s Day, Georgia stopped by to gift our staff and residents with a box of chocolates! As a longtime resident of Golden Valley, Georgia has advocated for the importance of supporting local government entities like the Golden Valley Fire Department and the Golden Valley PD.

It has been three years since Damascus Way moved into our new building at 5830, which is just two lots down from our historic site at 5730, and in this time, Damascus Way residents and staff have developed a great friendship with Georgia, who has become a supporter and believer of the work we do in recovery and reentry, stating on one occasion that Damascus Way are, “the best neighbors I’ve ever had!”

Over the past three years, staff and residents at Damascus Way have had the privilege of helping Georgia with lawn care, yardwork and snow removal.

Thank you to Georgia and all the community members like her who believe in the work we do!