Two weeks ago, our new fatherhood services program, Destiny Dads, celebrated our first successful program graduate!

As part of our supportive services for fathers in the Scott County area, Destiny Dads offers an 8-week long support group for dads! Since the launch of our support group services in the fall, we’ve had some powerful gatherings of fathers who want to strive towards greatness in their parental and familial! These support group gatherings have centered our attention on equipping, enriching and educating fathers. However, these groups are ultimately about providing a sense of support and community for fathers who want to come together and learn from each other. Stacey Jones, the Program Director for Destiny Dads has done a fantastic job facilitating these groups, which have been filled with invaluable conversations about trauma (and its impact on both parents and kids), parenting styles, healthy communication and a host of other topics!

However, today, we’d like to draw special attention to Eddy, our first graduate of the support groups. Eddy has been an incredible example of resilience, determination, honesty and humility. In the face of challenges, Eddy has stepped forward in the hopes of doing all he can to support his children. We’ve all been blessed by his contributions to our weekly support groups and have gained immensely from his wisdom and testimony! We congratulate Eddy on taking the initiative to participate in Destiny Dads and to be such a powerful example of what it means to be a father with integrity and character!

Congrats Eddy!!