Earlier this month, Damascus Way joined dozens of other organizations at the North Commons Park in Minneapolis for the 32nd Annual Minnesota Festival for Fathers & Families! Represented by Destiny Dads, as part of our Youth and Family services work, Stacey Jones and Kevin Saunders managed a table at the festival to spread the word about the work we are doing with fathers and families in Scott County.

“Established in 1989, The Minnesota Festival for Fathers & Families is a community-sponsored event that has gathered over 25,000 people with one goal, celebrating Fatherhood. In the past, this collaborative effort of volunteers and donors such as social service organizations, county agencies, legal firms, health care providers, and private donors has yielded an annual budget of $10,000. In-kind donations and contributions have added an additional $10,000-$12,000.

The annual festival, initiated in 1989, seeks to strengthen the positive role and perception of men, specifically fathers, in their families and communities. The event celebrates the essential impact of fathers and father figures in the lives of children and families.

Re-living this tradition annually takes dedication of time and finances. During the Festival for Fathers and Families, we reach hundreds of families with food, entertainment, and fun while continuing to be the resource for many of Minnesota’s agencies and social services organizations that provide services to fathers and families. All activities and lunch are provided free of charge to remove any barriers that could cause our families not to participate. We are honoring legends, Fathers in the community, community partners, and Committee members this year! So, let’s work together and create another year of memories these men and their families deserve to have.”

The event was a great opportunity for Destiny Dads to engage with the community! Thank you Stacey and Kevin for representing us so well and thanks to Guy Bowling and the Festival for Fathers & Families for having us!