As some of you are aware, Damascus Way recently partnered with United Way of Olmsted County in Rochester. Our Executive Director had the opportunity to participate in a cohort style training, along with several other non-profit leaders from Olmsted County. This was made possible through the sponsorship of United Way. This partnership between United Way of Olmsted County and Damascus Way has also allowed us to contribute and participate in a 21-Day Challenge that United Way is beginning on the 4th of October. United Way has described this as a “self-guided learning journey,” which will explore various institutional inequities and the related effects on specific communities. The challenge will draw attention to particular racial disparities by providing participants with daily excerpts, resources and information pertinent to specifically highlighted topics. Beginning on October 4th, the Equity Challenge will send out a single, daily email (with about 15 minutes worth of content) to those who have signed up. Each day a unique topic or community will be featured, along with a non-profit that works in the corresponding field. Day 19 will spotlight the Justice System. United Way selected Damascus Way Reentry Center as the organization to promote in their article informing readers on the relevance of criminal justice reform and how to get involved! Damascus Way is grateful to be given this privilege and believe this 21-Day Equity Challenge will provide necessary education on incarceration statistics, while bringing Damascus Way into dialogues that are valuable to our communities. United Way hopes to surpass 1,000 participants in the Equity Challenge. If you are interested you can sign up here.