Our Destiny Dads fatherhood program in Scott County continues to impact the lives of dads through group support and fellowship on Wednesday evenings at our Shakopee House! If you or someone you know is interested in participating, we encourage you to reach out to Stacey Jones, the Director of Family Restoration & Preservation at Damascus Way (stacey.jones@damascusway.com).

One month ago, we launched two Destiny Dads support groups in the Scott County Jail as part of our initiative to serve and connect with fathers in need of support and brotherhood. We are pleased to share that these support groups have been a tremendous success so far with over 20 participants total. Each session has been filled with powerful discussions surrounding what healthy fatherhood looks like! It is our desire to empower and enrich fathers to create a holistic vision for their role as a dad. Each session draws men further out of isolation and into meaningful connection.

We are excited to see where the next month takes us!