Bringing Light to North Minneapolis

When Tim Daniels opens his front door in North Minneapolis, he steps out into his “office.” He and his family are creatively bringing LIGHT to the deeply troubled neighborhood that was home to much violence this year: Cops being ambushed, youth-on-youth murder on the front steps of a church, and the month long Black Lives Matter protest at the 4th Precinct.  Tim is our urban missionary who intentionally left his “American dream home” to live and minister in the city’s most dangerous neighborhood. Previously a Damascus Way counselor, Tim has now returned to direct the “810 Project,” our new outreach.

Damascus Way has always ministered to men coming out of prison but now our desire turns to the area of prevention. What if we could reach people before they have an encounter with prison?  How about an encounter with God first! Why not reach at-risk youth with the Gospel, rescuing them early from tragic life mistakes? And by living in the neighborhood, Tim has already been evangelizing drug dealers, alcoholics, and pimps.


Man-man, Delanie, D-Boy
Man-man, Delanie, & D-Boy – Finding friendships & Jesus through the 810 Project

Reclaimed for Ministry to At-risk Youth

Years ago, a North Minneapolis duplex was donated to Damascus Way. It was used as rental property because we never felt comfortable sending program graduates there, back into the notoriously violent, streetwise environment. Now it has been reclaimed and fitted out as a ministry center, especially for youth who may be headed toward trouble if someone doesn’t intervene.

We partner with Antioch Ministries to reach the younger kids. Ice cream socials, Bible stories, barbecue parties, Twins & Timberwolves games, and after-school programming are some of the exciting ministries on offer. Tim and his wife, Miah, spend hours each week loving and parenting up to 20 kids whose families often struggle to provide even the most basic food and guidance. And a beautiful thing is happening as those parents interact with Tim & Miah – they are open to receive ministry and prayer, several have prayed for Salvation.


worshipers 2
Worship & Street Evangelism at the 810 Project

 Street Missionary Teams

Older teens and adults are now familiar with our street missionary teams who set up on busy corners or walk about making themselves visible, offering friendship, support and lots of prayer. Our partnership with TrinityWorks and their “Messenger Bootcamp” is especially valuable for this intensive kind of evangelism.

Last Valentine’s Day, we handed out 100 roses, each attached to a “love note from Jesus.” A store owner, not yet a believer, invited Tim to use his parking lot for prayer and sharing the Gospel – because he saw Tim’s passion and heart. On Halloween, trick-or-treaters were treated to games and Gospel, as well as a movie about the Holy Ghost …  shown outdoors on a screen in our front yard.

God is bringing LIGHT into North Minneapolis darkness through Tim and the 810 Project! This ministry is a new but promising venture for Damascus Way. We ask for your prayers and financial support for Tim Daniels and his family and team.  Find the DONATE button at the top of the page to give financially or go to our CONTACT button to get involved in other ways.