A Structured & Caring Environment

IMG_6797-20Damascus Way was established in 1975 to assist men being released from prisons, jails, and treatment centers.  We help our residents to find jobs, permanent housing, and a support group/community.  Our structure is provided through strict monitoring & accountability protocols and weekly goal setting. Our care is provided by understanding the difficulties involved in transitioning from being locked up for years and suddenly gaining freedom. Some of our staff have been there and have now dedicated their lives to helping others.

Damascus Way has been operating for over 40 years.  Our staff has over 100 years experience at Damascus including eight employees over 10 years and four over 15 years.  Our Executive Director, Craig Fruen, began as a volunteer in 1989 and former Prison Fellowship Regional Director, Ron Vought, has been with Damascus for 17 years.


Damascus Way provides a structured, caring, Christian-oriented program to men involved with the correctional system or other life challenging situations; assisting them in addressing needs and goals for successful integration back into their communities.


  • To assist residents in becoming responsible, crime & drug free members of the community.
  • To provide our communities with a safe, low-risk, well-monitored system for successful reintegration
  • To provide state and county rehabilitation services with a cost-effective, high-quality reentry program.